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Purchase Civil War Books, Music, Videos  and Other Civil War Gift Items For Sale Here!
Purchase Civil War Books, Videos, and Gifts For Sale Here!

Purchase Civil War Books, Videos, and Gifts For Sale Here!

Always Free Shipping On All Items!

Always Free Shipping On All Items!

Books and MoviesOne of the key reasons Civil War vetrans started reenacting the Civil War was to educate tothers on what the war was like. In reenacting or living history, we too strive to educate.  WIth there being so many thousands of books available on the subject, we are trying to focus on the the area west of the Mississippi.We can get you just about any book you want, wether it is on a subject that is west or east of the Mississippi, so contact us.
Children's Civil War Period ItemsThe civil war period toy store with games, toys, and kits to make crafts and your own toys with.
Civil War Camping EquipmentLanterns and candles light up the night, be it for an event in the field, or a party at home.
Civil War Era Activities and CraftsLiving History is about telling the story of the past including what soldiers and civilians did for pastimes. Here you will find many civil war period activities that were enjoyed by both the civilians and military. You will also find many patterns and craft items that are not just for the men and women.  There are crafts and activities here that children will also enjoy.
Gift Items

Civil War Reenactors like gifts that recognize their efforts in their Civil War Reenacting hobby. Civil War Emporium carries such products for any special  occasion, or for no occasion at all and simply just because its civil war memorabilia.

Ladies Civil War Period ItemsLadies Victorian accessories plus Victorian costume jewelry to authentic jewelry featuring the Victorian cameo.
Men's Civil War Period ItemsReenactors need clothing, uniforms and accessories plus leather gear and more and you will find it all here.
Music of the Civil War EraBoth  North and South used music extensively during the Civil War to rally the troops, as recreation, to march by, and many other reasons. Frequently both sides would borrow each other's tunes or lyrics. Civil War Emporium has a selection of Civil War period music, and movies showing different aspects of the Civil War. 

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